Directed by Lori Staley

A musical based on the events surrounding the drafting and signing of the Declaration of Independence, 1776 won the 1969 Tony Award for Best Musical.

Music & Lyrics by Sherman Edwards 

Book by Peter Stone



John Adams, the original innovator behind America’s Declaration of Independence, teams up with Benjamin Franklin, Richard Henry Lee, and Thomas Jefferson to battle those in Congress who oppose the movement to declare independence from England. The team cooperatively conceives and eventually passes the resolution that frees America from British tyranny.


Kevin Dean as Adams

Marsha Hyatt as Franklin

Eli Boyden as Jefferson 

Polly Capansky as Richard Henry Lee
Paul Kraemer as Dickinson

Kobie Hullihen as Rutledge 

Jason Perry as Sherman

Sam Johnson as Livingston

Julia Johnson as Martha

Nerys Apple as Abigail

Piper Hopkins as the Courier

David Edelmen as McNair

Ben Garrand as Hancock

Sarah Fath as Dr. Witherspoon

Frank Cihlar as Hopkins

Penny Carroll as James Wilson

Ray Smith  as Caesar Rodney

Jim Carter as McKean

Spencer Burt as Joseph Hewes 

Tracey Conard as Dr. Lyman Hall

Sal Vasta as Thomson
LaBron Washington as Josiah Bartlett

Marston Payne as Samuel Chase

Fletcher Moyers as Leather Apron