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Take a Bow


Built in 1890, this Edinburg Historic Building at 107 Center Street, Edinburg needs a great deal of special effort to bring it back to the ‘small jewel’ status it deserves. Since 2011, The Theatre Shenandoah local folks have been presenting live theatre in the building and have focused on presenting quality plays and musicals. Now is the time to address pressing maintenance tasks.

The list of needed repairs is long and costly. Painting the exterior, energy efficient modifications (insulation, replacement windows, new heating/AC units), interior modifications, roof repairs and more are extremely costly in today’s world.


Please consider donating to Theatre Shenandoah, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization.

Donate now through our FEE FREE and secure platform.

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Mt Jackson-Ediburg Rotary

Dennis Brown

Bob Scott

Michele House

William R

Paige Roberts

Cynthia Sumner

Victor Jaroch

JoMarie Acosta

Kimberly Jeter

Corinne Dowell

Lynda Burner

Phyllis Deeney

Amber Lain

K Leypoldt

Raymond Smith

Elizabeth Bancroft

Jill Shipp

Rochelle Dornatt

Rebecca Harrigal

joAnn Noel-Graham

Susan Griffen

Howard Brown

Charlene Smedley

Dennis Brown

Jude Laserna

Elizabeth Stup

Jessica Kolkhorst

Cathy Ettinger

Judy Schurtz

William Walls

Glenda Selvage

Ralph Palmer

Angie Vann

Rhea Moore

Suzanne Montgomery

Joshua Fleming

Neil Marrin

Dennis Brown

Sue Low

David Lewis Worobec

Jenna  Morgan

Susan Griffen

Kathryn Gosswein

Daniel Belyea

Brian Belyea

Christine  Moan

Robin Whittle Jackson

Todd Domaleski

Jenna French

Steve Wood

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